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    Graphic Novel

    Corvid's Eye is a graphic novel and webcomic about a 20 y/o nonbinary who wakes up in a world they don't recognise, an entire life lost to amnesia and with a name that may or may not be theirs - and yet the real trouble doesn't begin until the sun sets on the first day....

    only ink and nib-pen

    A collection of small illustration with uplifting text.

    A pick-me-up for down days :)

    Colour illustrations

    Illustration compilation: 

    "Book of Hues" I made a colourwheel and drew at least on drawing a day using one main colour and two secondary colour. 

    Everything is drawn with Promarkers.

    colour practice

    Six pager, a beginning of a story about a siren and a pirate

    Strip Comics

    A small combilation of Strip comics, using the characters from FETCH. Non-canon

    Giant one page comic

    A big one page comic about a messenger on his very first day.


    Four pager about the famous Pirate Jeanne De Clisson's life.

  • Writing

    Ten Page Scene - Script

    Two people meeting.


    Cahm is a about 22, a young adult in a world where magic exist.

    2 years ago he was thrown out of his mentor’s house after majorly messing up a spell.

    After that Cahm has been wandering around taking small jobs from town to town... Read More

    The Cursed Prince - Fairy Tale

    Once there was a prince who cursed, to look like a princess when he was born.

    No one knew but him, and thus no one believed he was cursed... Read More

    The Perfect Evening - Scene

    Will had had a bad night. Jae could see it on him.

    So to lift the mood of his literally wolfish boyfriend, Jae decided today they should have a tea-party.

    Will had some errands to do and was gone all day which was perfect.... Read More

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    Who is this artist!

    Hope Hjort

    I am a comic creator, artist and writer.

    I like working with young adult(12-17), new adult(18-25) and lgbt+ themes in bright and energetic colours.


    My current project as of now is the graphic novel Corvid's Eye which can be found on Tapas and Webtoons




    (+45) 22 26 19 16


    Available as graphic designer


    Based in Vordingborg, Denmark


    Eisner Nominated:

    Get Naked by Steven Seagle, (Image, 2018) - Artist of "Get Naked In Bern"



    Corvid's Eye, Webcomic/Graphic Novel (Tapas/Webtoons, 2020- ) - Creator



    Moby Dick (Bokförlaget Hegas AB, 2021) - Illustrator


    Comic Creation


    Novel Writing

    Script Writing

    Character design




    Clip Studio Paint

    Adobe Indesign

    Paint Tool Sai

    Adobe After Effects


    BA in Graphic Storytelling at TAW. 2015-2019


    TAW: The Drawing Academy. Aug-Dec 2014


    Næstved Gymnasium og HF. 2010-2013

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